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Secretary: modern furniture from the past (26 photos)


The popularity of vintage secretaries is currently based on their functionality. This furniture is used as a desk, dresser and a small cabinet for documents. Secret offices and various systems of locks reliably ensure their safety.



Historical information

The first secretaries were considered ladies' furniture. They were installed in the rooms of young girls and married women, who, sitting behind them, could easily write a note or a letter, as well as keep home accounting. Sometimes they were called bureau-secretary.



Made from valuable varieties of wood, decorated with intricate carvings and expensive decor, the furniture secretary has become a real workplace for emperors and nobles. Memories of Napoleon's road secretary have been preserved. When folded, it was very compact, but had many drawers and easily transformed. The French emperor worked for him in a road carriage as fruitfully as in his office.



Secretaries today

A variety of model range of current secretaries allows you to include them in various furniture collections, which are based on the great versatility of this furniture. A secretary in the living room will also be needed as in the bedroom or children's room. It all depends on the correct choice of the subject and its compliance with the style of the entire interior.



In Soviet times, built-in secretaries were widely distributed, which were equipped in special modules or sections of so-called furniture walls. They consisted of shelves, drawers and a folding tabletop. Recent secretaries have the following features:

  • variety of designs;
  • differences in shape and size;
  • may be included in sets and collections of furniture or sold separately;
  • a large selection of materials from which the products are made;
  • decorative elements and finishes can be made of modern plastics or with the use of new technologies in the processing of metals or wood.

Light furniture continues to be very popular, enhancing natural light, even in shaded rooms. The white secretary can naturally complement the furnishings of such a room, and the glass doors of his small locker will look especially good, behind which you can arrange the most necessary items on the shelves, including notebooks, books, magazines or various writing utensils.



Below, under the reclining table top, there are wide drawers that can be filled by the owners at their discretion depending on the room in which the secretary is installed. If this is a bedroom, then the drawers will be useful for storing sleeping sets, and if it is a living room, then there will be a place in them for periodicals, necessary magazines or brochures.



Light, almost white color can give birch wood or more valuable hornbeam. The surface, covered with a transparent varnish, has a pronounced glittering structure, which looks very impressive in any light. Sometimes products are pretreated and coated with white paint. Especially good is such furniture in the set.

Despite the introduction of technology in modern life, the demand for wooden furniture does not decrease. Its ecological value and beautiful appearance contribute to the growth of consumer demand, in connection with which the secretary from solid wood is currently the most prestigious acquisition. In any living room this transformer will be absolutely appropriate, and its functionality can be easily adjusted to the needs of the owner.

Looks good wooden secretary in the interior of the home office. It can be located next to large floor bookcases - in this case, the workplace will have an optimal location. With a small office area such a secretary will be a more profitable acquisition than a bulky desk. Angular transformer will take even less space.



Secretary and modern technology

The development of the electronics industry has greatly changed the way people live. Without a computer, it is difficult to imagine a workplace organization in modern offices. There is no urgent need for letters. There are e-mail and many good programs that facilitate communication between people. Pages on social networks have replaced personal diaries.



Of course, in such conditions, a computer desk-secretary will be especially in demand, which can be made of plastic or similar materials using metal. Its design corresponds to the modern or high-tech style. Yes, and it looks like a small table. As a rule, such a transformer has a very simple device, nothing superfluous, only a tabletop, several shelves, and a couple of drawers. After all, there is no longer a need to store a large number of documents or records on paper, all information is mainly located on the hard disk.

Even in this age of information technology, the demand for antique furniture is growing. The wooden secretary was and remains one of the most popular models on the market. Most buyers seek to purchase such a product because of its high environmental value. Furniture made of solid wood meets sanitary and hygienic standards and does not cause allergic phenomena. And the appearance of products made of valuable wood will conquer even the most demanding customer.