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Filling the wardrobe: design features (21 photos)


The internal space of the built-in closet compartment is made depending on the design purpose. In the bedroom, this functionality is used to store wardrobe items and bedding. The compartment furniture in the entrance area is a system for storing outer clothing, shoes and tools. In the children's structure, they equip the compartments for books and toys, allocate a zone for the wardrobe, and, if desired, equip the section in the form of a desktop for classes. Consequently, the functional filling of the wardrobes is performed with regard to the expected loads.

The unusual design of the structure provides hard-to-reach areas in the form of deep compartments and corners. For the efficiency of operation of the useful area, the filling of the radial sliding-door wardrobe includes rods and holders with a sliding mechanism. Here it is appropriate to use wardrobe elevators, with the help of which comfortable access to things is provided. In the same way, the problem of proper organization of the internal space of the furniture of an angular format is solved: the “dead” zone is equipped with devices with an adjustment mechanism.

Filling wardrobe is a different format equipment:

  • shelves - made of wood, plastic. Installed permanently or equipped with a sliding mechanism. Wardrobe shelves are made up to 40 cm high, for bookshelves a height between 30-35 cm is provided;
  • drawers - deep and shallow, double or with dividers and adjustment. Models are equipped with rollers or ball-bearing mechanism;
  • Baskets - made of plastic or metal, are sliding, removable or stationary. The most commonly used multi-level retractable basket options;
  • hanger rods - stationary, retractable, height adjustable. If equipped with a narrow wardrobe, then install the end device for placing clothes on the hangers. In the design of the structure with a sufficiently spacious depth of the internal space it is convenient to operate the double model of the longitudinal rods;
  • breeches - trouser holders of various formats have a sliding mechanism;
  • unit with hooks for unwinding clothes, shoe section and other devices.




Features of the wardrobe in the entrance area

The wardrobe in the hallway is used to store outerwear, hats, shoes and other accessories. Depending on the parameters of the room set the design of the angular, radial or straight configuration:

  • corner models of furniture stand out for their special spaciousness and allow for the most rational management of the living space;
  • The originality of the design of the entrance area is easy to emphasize with the help of curved lines of the radius design;
  • Direct furniture configurations are relevant in the arrangement of narrow spaces.

The conditional division of the internal space of the cabinet in the hallway provides for different zones.

Top part

It is convenient to store seasonal wardrobe items in the trunks. If space permits, on the top shelves it is appropriate to store both suitcases, and boxes with irrelevant shoes, and hats in containers with a special dummy stand. Planning to fill the wardrobe in the hallway, in the upper compartment allocate space for skis, skates and other equipment for seasonal use.

To provide the child with enough space for storing items of clothing, books, toys and technical devices, it is necessary to properly organize the stuffing of the children's wardrobe. The upper shelves of furniture in the nursery are operated by adults, there are cases with irrelevant wardrobe. The middle part of the design is equipped with a multitude of shelves, draw-out drawers of various sizes, hangers and hooks, crossbars for hangers.

To provide comfortable access to things of daily use, it is worth placing them on the shelves of a comfortable height for the child.

In the arrangement of the sleep and rest area, built-in structures with a highly efficient storage system are increasingly used. At the same time, the filling of the wardrobe in the bedroom includes multi-format accessories:

  • shelves for storing non-depletable items of clothing;
  • deep drawers for the delicate storage of clothing of capricious matters;
  • shallow drawers with dividers for socks, underwear;
  • vertical compartments with a barbell for shirts on hangers, with bristles, hangers for ties, scarves and scarves;
  • horizontal compartments with floor bar;
  • shelves for bedding, on which it is convenient to put pillows, blankets and blankets;
  • baskets under towels, bed linen.



Interior lighting

For comfortable operation of sections, the design is equipped with built-in lights. It is especially important to provide high-quality lighting radial and corner wardrobes, there are often used LED strips, spots with adjustable light direction. In most cases, the top panel is equipped with interior lighting.