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Provence style entrance hall: design secrets (27 photos)


Provence is one of the softest and coziest types of interior decoration. Despite the apparent simplicity, the design in the style of Provence requires the application of considerable effort and special attention to detail to create an impressive and elegant interior.

The design of a small hallway in Provence style is an interesting and partly rational solution, since the refreshing color palette, characteristic for use in this direction, visually increases the area of ​​the entrance area, making it easier and more spacious. The color palette of Provence consists of warm, pastel shades: beige, mint, pale pink, cream, light blue, muted yellow, olive colors, while there should be no contrasts. The main color is white. Matte black color will help to highlight accents.



Ornament wall covering, like textiles, made in the form of small unobtrusive pattern: colors, cells, narrow strips.

The Provence style hall does not tolerate color excesses: red, terracotta, rich yellow or green colors can only be used as small blotches. The task of bright accents is to stand out on a beige or white background, without flowing into each other.

The flooring should have the color of natural materials: stone, wood, light brick.

When finishing the hall in the style of Provence, only natural materials are used: wood, stone, ceramics, metal. Laminate, plastic, linoleum is not acceptable for this direction. Finishing each type of surface has its own characteristics.




As a wall covering, the Provencal style does not provide for the use of ordinary paper or vinyl wallpapers, since this is contrary to the design principles of this direction. The walls are painted, covered with decorative plaster, wooden slats and panels, as well as brick, stone.



Often used a combination of textures and shades, the predominant of the latter is white. Plaster coating, as a rule, relief.

Due to the fact that Provence provides a connection with a rustic theme, its highlight is the finish of surfaces with some scuffs, scratches that create the effect of antiquity. Walls should not have a perfectly flat surface, so plaster often looks careless, sometimes with peeping brick or stone.

Wooden wall panels with small scuffs will give the interior of the hall a special charm.



In addition to wood, stone, plaster Provence provides for the decoration of walls with textiles. The classic combination is a textile finish with a small unobtrusive pattern and wood panels. Originality and French charm in the hall will add a fresco depicting the province or a false window overlooking the lavender fields.




A practical and style-appropriate floor that a Provence style hall should have is tile or stone. It is better if the texture of the stone hints at long-term operation, for example, chips and scratches. At the same time it is possible to combine tile laying with a wooden floor. An old parquet board is ideal, according to the canons of Provence. If there is a desire to update the parquet, you just need to apply a new protective coating on the board without interfering with its appearance.



Choice of furniture

Furniture in the hall in the style of Provence should have signs of time in any detail: it may be frayed door leafs, cabinet legs, a tabletop with cracks, slightly cracked lacquer coating of facades and so on. To make the furniture for the hall effect of antiquity, you can use craquelure varnish. It is applied to the surface of the furniture, then painted. After drying, the surface is covered with small or large cracks.



The main rules for choosing furniture in the Provence style hall are as follows:

  • No solid furniture. The ideal solution is a small light colored chest of drawers with elegant metal handles. A modern wardrobe with a mirrored door will make a discord in the design of the hall in the style of Provence.
  • The presence of a miniature sofa made of wood or metal with elements of forging. Addition to it are textile pillows dim color or with a small floral ornament. If there is very little space in the hall, an elegant wooden chair or stool will fit in well.
  • The presence of forged items. It can be an elegant frame for a mirror, wardrobe and chest of drawers, shelves, door handles, key holders, etc.
  • Wooden entrance door, at least from the inside.
  • An open clothes hanger with metal hooks and open shelves on which you can place wicker boxes for storing hats and accessories.
  • Shoes stand, bench.
  • Umbrella stand.
  • Modular hall Provence consists of all the necessary style items. If the area of ​​the hallway allows you to fit all the above furniture, it is best to buy it in one set, so that there are no external differences between individual items.



Decor and lighting

An important component of the Provencal style is the decor, the objects of which distinguish this trend from all the others. First, it is textiles: pillows, rugs made from natural materials, soft seating on the benches and banquettes.