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Chinese style in the interior - the balance of nature (26 photos)


The functionality of each house is indisputable - it is not just a certain decoration or imitation of a particular style, but a way to achieve comfort and coziness. Many achieve this by using Chinese style in their homes - it is based on simplicity, nature and energy.



Chinese people make the most of the internal space of housing, making niches for storing decorative objects. The rich furnishings of the kitchen, the interior of the bedroom and any other room are exquisitely completed with lacquer tables and carved racks for vases and decorations.

Knowledge of what a house should be, the features of its aesthetics and functionality originated many years ago; to our time, they have improved due to technological progress. Due to the fact that Chinese culture sees only contemplation in everything, the house is obliged to symbolize this quality. Chinese interior is very intricate, but at the same time practical.



The design uses low furniture, all items and products are made from natural materials (mainly wood), preference is given to sunlight, windows are free from curtains (in rare cases it is possible to use bamboo blinds), artificial lighting is dim.

Chinese style in the interior has no sharp corners, no bulky furniture items. The basic material for interior design is durable and elastic bamboo.



Making furniture, the master uses a complex technique of multi-layered varnishing as an element for decoration; carving for lacquer is today a spectacular way of decorating. The furniture of the apartment in the Chinese style is harmoniously combined with the surrounding objects, complemented by lacquered decorative tables used as supports for vases and room decorations.

The main elements of the kitchen interior - a table and chairs - for a long time were made only from natural materials (as a rule, bamboo served them) and were rectangular in shape.

The main piece of furniture for the bedroom in the Chinese style were rectangular loungers and chairs. The main distinctive feature of the Chinese style in design, preserved in our time is the lack of curtains on the windows.



Traditional Chinese interior is harmony, conciseness, aesthetics, everything that contributes to the creation of a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. This style of an apartment or room is a mixture of characteristic accents, and therefore this interior can not only reveal the individual possibilities, preferences and tastes of the apartment owner, but also give a certain atmosphere and make an impact on any guest.



Colors for the Chinese play an important role and occupy not the last place in creating style. As a rule, red (fire dragon color), black, blue, green, yellow are used.

Even if you think the resulting interior is perfect, anyway, without the most important element, all objects will remain just a set of furniture. The main element - the lighting, which the Chinese attach the most importance. The positive energy of any room depends on the location of the lamp or lamp, the direction of their light.

The basic rule for creating traditional Chinese style is naturalness. Small tricks can help achieve this goal: you can put a lamp behind an easy screen or it is better to install several small lamps so that they imitate the “torch of fire”. In this case, the traditional lanterns will open the secluded corners and will complement the interior of both the kitchen and the bedroom.



Philosophy and character of the interior

It is impossible to create a Chinese style in the interior, if you do not have knowledge about the culture and traditions of the country. Only by becoming familiar with the culture, the concept of the life of the people of China, you can gain a sense of proportion and feel the relevance of every little thing in the interior. Otherwise, you can turn your home into a room decorated tastelessly, and an ill-conceived color gamut can make the interior lurid.



The main features introduced in the Chinese style are plasticity, smoothness, airiness, softness, elegance. It would seem that in the conditions of standard apartments there is no possibility of complying with these rules, however, successful solutions can be found using design techniques, well-designed furniture arrangement, and the use of decorative accessories.



Features that you need to know, applying the design of the Chinese style:

  • The most common colors: red with black, gold, yellow - luxury indicators.
  • Walls are plastered or painted, but the use of wallpaper is also frequent. After all, the usual wallpaper for us was originally made in China. The oriental-style ornament looks great on the walls; mysterious hieroglyphs or Chinese classical patterns fit into the interior.
  • The floor, often dark, can have red overflows. For the arrangement of the perfect solution is to use thin carpet or parquet made of bamboo.
  • For the improvement of the interior when choosing furniture it is necessary to be guided by practicality and simplicity. Furniture should be small, light, and most importantly - the absence of sharp corners. Square shapes in this style - a rarity. A distinctive feature of Chinese-style furnishings - lacquered surfaces. Wood carving is the perfect decoration for all furniture.
  • In the incarnation of Chinese style in their projects designers are widely used decorative attributes and expensive.
  • Light sources are round chandeliers.



Chinese style is created by accents. The easiest way to use it is to add accessories to the room in which to guess China.