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Dining room design: cozy and stylish (35 photos)


A hundred years ago, they didn’t do without a canteen in the house - it was not just an important, but an obligatory room. It was there that the family was going to have lunch and dinner, all major holidays, family celebrations were celebrated here, many guests were received in this room. But in Soviet times, small-sized apartments became relevant, and the dining room began to be combined with the living room or to equip the kitchen so that it also served for meals. This practice exists now, but the good old traditions are beginning to return, and the interior of the dining room is now concerned not only with owners of country houses, but also with owners of city apartments.




Dining room combined with kitchen

This option is comfortable, as it is convenient to serve, and the hostess can communicate with the guests while preparing food. Kitchen design style should correspond to the part of the room, which is allocated for dining. It is possible to separate the working area from the place for rest and lunch using zoning; will help competent planning of the kitchen, as well as a few simple techniques:

  • you can put the bar, which will serve as the visual boundary of a large kitchen;
  • zones should be trimmed with different materials that match in color, use tiles for the floor in the kitchen area, and laminate in the dining room;
  • zoning can be done with the help of light, using pendant lamps, wall lamps and even floor lamps.

Today, uniting into one large area a kitchen, dining room and living room is a favorite design move, a popular modern solution for any home.




However, the interior of the kitchen-dining room must always be complete with minimal isolation of zones. In the dining area place the table and chairs, if space permits - a small buffet with tea-ware, decorative items. Under these circumstances, a good ventilation system is important, which will reliably protect those present from the total spread of cooking odor.



Dining room in classic style

The interior of the dining room in a classic style should be extremely strict, no frills. It is better to choose furniture made of natural wood, if the chairs are upholstered, then it should match the color of the curtains, it is better to prefer a soft pastel range. In such a dining room, it is more than appropriate (especially if the dining room is large) large crystal chandeliers and the same wall sconces. Classics require to take into account when arranging the decor and small accessories principle of symmetry.



Classic styles usually imply the presence of carving on the backs of chairs and original candelabra, antiques are appropriate here. The dining table should be placed in the very center of the room. If the dining room is located in a large country house, it is worthwhile to arrange a fireplace in it. The interior of the dining room in a classic style suggests the presence of light tones: beige, light gray, pistachio, but golden shades are also possible, bright purple color, which perfectly combines with silver decor.

A classic dining room should be festive, but warm and cozy. In the classic interior design usually include mirrors.

They visually enlarge the room and give it "pomp". The mirror must be installed so that it reflects the dining table. The dining room is usually enlivened by soft home textiles, carpet on the floor and large curtains.



High-tech dining

The interior of a modern dining room can be solved in fashionable styles: minimalism or popular high-tech. This style is preferred by lovers to live in a fast rhythm, besides hi-tech as it can visually enlarge the space.



The color in the interior of the high-tech dining room needs to be carefully considered. It can be not only monochrome combinations of white and black, but also more interesting color contrast:

  • black with red;
  • yellow with bright blue;
  • red with bright green;
  • purple with white.

Designers' favorite projects are dining rooms and country-style kitchens; This style is especially good in a wooden house. It may differ in its stylistics, since it is a rural style, and the traditions of all nations are different, but the use of natural living materials is always typical in the interiors of such housing. Initially, this style appeared in the American prairies, for this reason flowers should be present in your dining room: not only in vases and pots, but also dry in the form of compositions on the walls, on the floor, on the table.




Chandelier in country style can be forged, with shades of cloth, woven from a rod made of ropes. The main thing that you picked up the same sconces. You need to more accurately maintain the unity of style, if you managed to buy country chandeliers with fabric shades, it is a good idea to look for the same fabric on sale and sew a tablecloth and napkins out of it. They can be decorated with handmade lace and ruffles. Today the country is not so rough, it has become graceful, softer and more harmonious.

Original crocheted bedspreads, rugs with ornaments, a beautiful wicker lamp shade for a lamp and rattan furniture will add an interesting flavor to the dining room.

By tradition, you can hang a mirror opposite the table, but the frame to it should be made in accordance with the rest of the decor. In any case, rural interior design requires the mandatory use of natural and natural colors.



Provence dining is also a kind of country, but decided in French style. This dining room can be decorated in lavender style, placing small pots with this fragrant plant as decorations, pick up decorative elements, buy furniture in the style of shebbi-chic.

Dining room in the Scandinavian style will look very advantageous, in this design a lot of white color, it is not necessarily a cold shade, you can use a milky or creamy tone. A white painted table and chairs of simple shapes, a large mirror also in a white painted frame and a sideboard with dishes contrast in this style with bright decorative decorations. The decor in this style should be bright: it is the color of red cherry, cobalt blue, and grass green. Such shades should be selected tablecloths, napkins, textiles.




By the way, in this style the dining room in the country house is especially good, the wood-heated stove will perfectly fit into this light style, it can be laid out with decorative tiles and stand in the corner of the dining room.



We considered some options for arranging a dining room in a private house or apartment, but in fact there are many options. The dining room can be a kitchen or a living room at the same time, but in any case it should be cozy. To do this, you should carefully consider the interior of the dining rooms, correctly select the furniture, plan the lighting, purchase accessories.