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Decorative bark beetle plaster: description and use (29 photos)


Plaster is most often used for the final finishing of the interior walls and facades of buildings. Decorative bark beetle is very popular. It has a beautiful textural appearance and does not require additional decoration. The texture itself resembles a wooden surface damaged by a bark beetle.

The plaster "bark beetle" is not only beautiful in appearance, but also has several advantages in its characteristics:

  • Resistance to precipitation.
  • It tolerates temperature extremes.
  • Does not fade in the sun.

Manufacturers produce various types of plaster of this type. It is divided into two varieties: plaster and acrylic.

Textured plaster "bark beetle" is produced differently, depending on its application, but in general it has one composition. At the base of the "bark beetle" plaster there is cement and marble chips of various sizes. The size of the marble chips affects the consumption of material. The larger the size of the crumb, the higher the consumption of material when plastering the surface. Approximate consumption is written on the package.



Depending on where the bark beetle structural plaster is used, it is divided into:

  • For outdoor work.
  • For interior work.

For decoration of the house outside is used facade decorative bark beetle plaster. It is resistant to moisture, temperature extremes and mechanical damage. For interior use texture plaster. The characteristics of both plaster are generally no different.



Tools and materials

For surface finishing work, you must first prepare the finishing material and tools. All the necessary things should be purchased in sufficient quantity in order not to be distracted by the search for this or that tool. For work you will need:

  1. Bark beetle plaster for the facade of the house or for interior work;
  2. Mixing tank;
  3. Drill with a nozzle;
  4. Trowel;
  5. Polyurethane grater;
  6. Putty knife.

If the mixture is white, and you want a different color, then take care of buying the color of the desired shade and in sufficient quantity.

Before applying the bark beetle plaster it is necessary to prepare the surface of the walls. Proper preparation will ensure the quality of repair and long life of the finish.

It is easy to work with “bark beetle”, but it should be borne in mind that this mixture hardens quickly, so count the preparation of the mixture according to how much you can apply at one time.

When painting walls, plastered "bark beetle", consider the texture. The peculiarity of such finishes require the presence of at least two shades. Shades can be contrasting or in harmony with each other.




The facades of buildings, decorated with plaster "bark", have a beautiful appearance. At the same time, it fits perfectly into the interior of the house. Decorating a house with such plaster will not require you a large financial outlay, because it can be done independently without the involvement of specialists. Also, it will serve as a good protection for your home and extend the life.