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Blue furniture in the interior (20 photos): interesting combinations


Blue color in the interior is used quite often. This noble shade has a rare property - it is appropriate in any room of the apartment. His different tones and combinations with other colors always look interesting, bright and elegant. In the article we will look at how blue furniture is used in the design of an apartment.

This color has many shades - from blue to purple. Therefore, if you come to a furniture studio and order for a children's room or a kitchen, blue sets, you need to discuss what kind of shade you want. The difference in one or two tones can play a decisive role - soft blue or dark blue furniture look quite different in the bathroom and in the bedroom.



Blue furniture in different rooms

Let us see what features have the use of furniture in blue when decorating different rooms of the house.

Children's room

  • In this room, this color is used quite often - all shades of blue have soothing properties. In addition, color contributes to the concentration of attention and helps children to acquire knowledge faster and more confidently.
  • In this color in the children's room completely different pieces of furniture can be decorated: a bed, a wardrobe, tables with chairs, shelves and other items.
  • It is necessary that this color in the interior of the nursery be diluted with some other or several brighter and more positive colors. If the children's room is furnished with only blue furniture, and in addition there are still the same curtains and wall covering, then the room will cause a depressing impression.
  • Children's room of ultramarine or blue color contributes to good learning, since these shades directly affect the brain centers that are responsible for attention and concentration.
  • If the child is quiet and sluggish, it is better not to use blue furniture in his bedroom. The predominant blue can make a child even more apathetic. But if you have a hyperactive naughty girl growing up, then blue furniture is very much recommended for him.




Blue kitchen furniture is a stylish and original solution. In addition, this room will contribute to your desire to lose weight - such a kitchen design does not cause much appetite.

  • In such a kitchen would be nice to be - turquoise or ultramarine room is able to soothe and pacify. Kitchen furniture can be completely different blue shades - from light to dark. However, too cold, ice tones for the kitchen is still not recommended.
  • As in all other rooms, a completely monochrome design for the kitchen is not recommended. It is enough to purchase a furniture set of blue color and stop there. Tables, wall coverings, curtains, accessories in the interior of the kitchen is better to use other colors - perhaps contrasting.

With white

This is a classic of the genre. It resembles a marine style. Especially good in the sea perky style looks children's room boy.

This combination is very fresh and light. There is a feeling of spaciousness, coolness, the sea and the sky with clouds come to mind. The bathroom and the bedroom will look very appropriate and harmonious.

The combination is rather cold - therefore, in order not to turn the room into an ice cave, be sure to dilute the interior of the bathroom or kitchen with bright colors - red, yellow and orange.



With green

Not a very successful combination, since these two shades merge with each other - from afar you cannot distinguish them at all. To harmoniously choose furniture for the kitchen or bathroom in these colors, the shades should be bright, and between them it is necessary to designate a clear border. Be sure to use bright accessories warm colors.

Useful tips for proper selection of blue furniture in the apartment.

Since this color is of a cold spectrum, it is better to furnish such a room with abundant natural light. In the dark gloomy interior of the kitchen or living room, purple or blue furniture will only aggravate the situation.