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Do-it-yourself furniture decoupage (21 photos): best ideas


Decoration of furniture and decor with the help of carved pictures came from medieval Germany. Few people could then afford the inlay on the casket or bureau, so they decorated the cabinets and dressers with paper illustrations, covering them with a layer of varnish. Such art was called decoupage furniture, it is popular now. Some people do not want to part with the old furniture and subject it to restoration, some for economic reasons resort to updating tables, cabinets and cupboards with the help of decoupage technique.

Decoupage is the art of renovation of furniture or more precisely the technique of decoration:

  • using wallpaper;
  • newspapers;
  • wood details;
  • cloth;
  • lace;
  • special wipes;
  • postcards;
  • printed illustrations.




Types of decoupage technology

In modern technology, the following types of decoupage are known:

  1. Direct, in which the application is pasted on the outer side of the subject. Prior to this, the surface can be pre-painted or varnished. After paste the image and make another varnish processing.
  2. Reverse, where the procedure for applying materials is the same, only the image should be pasted with the face on the surface on the other side, and then on the wrong side to do varnish processing, etc. It is used to decorate glass objects.
  3. Volumetric, in which the glued elements are specially lifted with the help of multilayered overlapping, at the expense of other objects or simulated mass. It is used for the restoration of parts and furniture of a child’s room or for making decorative pictures.
  4. Smoky, imitating art painting. This effect can be done with the help of paints and special techniques. The borders of the pattern, around which the effect of translucent haze appears, smoothly merge with the painted surface.
  5. Dekopatch, resulting from the creative combination of decoupage and patchwork. The main difference of this type in the details used. Not a specific fragment or element is glued to the surface, but many small pieces. Usually decorated the whole subject. Used to decorate statues or accessories.

Skilled craftsmen learned to combine several types of technology on one subject, achieving an unusual effect and creating a completely unique thing.




Decoupage furniture is performed in different styles. Widely applied:

  1. Provence;
  2. Simple City;
  3. French vintage;
  4. Victorianism;
  5. Chebbi chic;
  6. Ethno style.

Anyone who is able to hold scissors and brushes in their hands can do the decoupage of old furniture on their own. The very first thing that is necessary is to choose an object for restoration, to come up with an ornament, to purchase and prepare the necessary materials, and only then turn ideas into reality.