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Barbecue area (58 photos): ideas for decorating a place to relax


Gone are the days when people went to their dacha just to weed the beds and harvest. Now many people live permanently outside the city in fully-equipped houses, and many constantly go to the country house, turning it with their own hands into a place for a relaxing holiday from the city. In this regard, the question arises about the arrangement of the suburban area in accordance with the concepts of comfort and coziness. The most important factor for this is the presence of an equipped recreation area in natural conditions, including saunas and a place for cooking.








BBQ area locations

Where on the summer cottage is better to arrange their own barbecue area:

  • Ideally, if at the initial planning of the dacha landscape, a place for a recreation area will already be incorporated into the projects.
  • It is imperative that the barbecue area harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape and harmonize with the general style of the house.
  • Take care that high-quality and wide asphalt or brick paths are laid to this important area. In this case, in any season and under any conditions, you can easily get to the barbecue area and can use the place of rest for its intended purpose. And the landscape design of the site will benefit from it. Bath and playground should also be connected to the house with the same paths.
  • It is better to make a barbecue area under a canopy. This will protect it from precipitation and bad weather. A good option would also be to place a barbecue area near the gazebo already installed by yourself. The terrace can serve as a place for temporary accommodation during bad weather recreation areas, as well as a gazebo.
  • Please note that the smoke from the stove and the playground is not too often "connected". To do this, you need to learn about the wind rose, which is characteristic of the place of your summer cottage. The bath should also not interfere with the children playing safely for the same reason for the smoke.
  • Arrangement of a barbecue in the vicinity of the house is undesirable. Sound fire safety ideas against this.
  • Near the trees, too, it is better not to have a barbecue area. Again, the requirements of fire safety.
  • A barbecue area on the grass will cause the grass to be trampled. Therefore, when setting up a project for a recreation area, keep in mind that it is best to pave it with brick or stone. This will distinguish it as a separate zone, and at the same time protect it from sparks, which can fly out of the furnace. In addition, braziers and other kitchen design is also better to put on a solid, fireproof surface. The site from a brick will be more preferable, more practical and safer.
  • The barbecue area is best done behind the house, away from prying eyes, the front part and the fence.
  • Avoid leaving flammable and flammable substances such as gasoline and other things near the barbecue area. With this you can provoke a fire at the site and in the house.
  • Do not forget the idea of ​​a good spot lighting. You can use and street lights, and LEDs, and batteries, and on holidays - beautiful garlands that adorn landscaping.


















Consider the most popular options for arranging a barbecue area.

  • The recreation area in the brutal version of natural stone or brick will look great if the house and gazebo are made in the same style.
  • Arrangement of a wooden barbecue area looks very decorative and picturesque. However, in this case, you need to take care of a special wood impregnation, which will protect the place from fire. Such impregnation is relevant for baths.
  • When using decorative bricks of various colors, you can create many interesting design projects with your own hands. On the veranda and in the house you can also use the same material to match.
  • Plastered surfaces will create a very beautiful, textured finish. Moreover, the color of the plaster can be arranged in accordance with the general style. Gazebo, terrace - the entire design of the site should be combined.
  • In the snow-white version of the barbecue area at the cottage looks elegant and stylish. However, if you have children, then such a design will fade very quickly. Therefore, it is better to choose more practical colors for decoration, preferably warm, natural shades. The same applies to the design of baths.
  • If modern materials and a minimalist style do not come up with a better design than landscape high-tech. In this case, you can use metal, plastic, dark colors and a sleek design. The corresponding gazebo and stylish grills will complement the project.












Consider what features a barbecue stove has and why we should choose options for this particular stove to be installed on a country site.

It can simply be said that a barbecue stove is the same fireplace, but only standing outside. And this fireplace is designed primarily to cook on it - a portion of delicious barbecue will be most welcome in the evening after work. At the same time, such a brick stove serves as the center of the site around which the whole family, friends and household members gather.

Oven advantages:

  • If we can use an ordinary brazier only if the weather is good outside, then a barbecue under the roof and an equipped platform will provide us with tasty dishes in the rain and even in the snow.
  • The advantage is that even in the immediate vicinity of the furnace you will not get soaked with smoke from cooking products. What sometimes happens, for example, near the bath when it is heated.
  • Modern projects of furnaces are fireproof.
  • The furnace is very decorative, in itself decorates the landscape design of the dacha. The barbecue area can become a real gathering place for all households. If you make it in harmony with the surrounding space, then such a zone, like the terrace, and the gazebo, will become your favorite place in the country.
  • The barbecue area traditionally involves the installation of not only one stove. The project should also include chairs or chairs, a table. Its design, be it of brick, at least, of wood, is settled as a small island, where everyone is comfortable. And portable grills installed alongside will allow to cook food in several variants.
  • The barbecue zone site frees people from having to gather in the cramped country kitchen in the house. As a rule, it is much more spacious in the open air, it’s not so hot to cook with your own hands in the summer, and the dishes on the fire are usually much more appetizing and tastier than, for example, cooked on an electric stove at home.
  • The barbecue oven allows you not only to bake and roast meat, fish and vegetables, but also to smoke them, which gives the dishes an excellent taste and aroma. Numerous culinary ideas can be successfully implemented under the roof of your barbecue area.
  • The furnace can be stationary and portable. The latter option can be convenient if you do not want to equip a permanent barbecue area, and plan to just come to the country from time to time and be able to quickly cook delicious dishes on the fire. Suitable for occasional parties and "raids" to the country. After its use is not difficult to assemble and fold the structure until the next time. It reminds an ordinary brazier with it. A portable oven is cheaper than a stationary counterpart, however, it has less functionality than it will not allow to implement some culinary ideas, and it does not have the ability to output smoke. But on the other hand, it is not necessary to change the already developed landscape design of the plot under the barbecue zone, a portable stove can be placed on the veranda, and a gazebo is perfect for relaxing and having fun there.
  • If you plan to make a shed, then make sure to also plan a hole where the smoke from the stove will go.
  • Divide the barbecue area into 2 parts: functional with a stove and relaxation - with a table and chairs / armchairs. Make the relaxation part spacious so that all guests feel comfortable in it.