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Sofa in the interior of small and large living rooms (50 photos)


The process of choosing a sofa must necessarily be carried out before visiting the furniture store. Despite the fact that most people buy a sofa according to a special principle - came, saw and bought, this is not a very sensible decision. The result of such actions may be a complete dissatisfaction with the acquisition. Often, the chosen model of the sofa just does not fit into the overall style decision of the room or it can be quite cumbersome. Presented in this article tips will help ensure that the sofa in the interior of the living room will look perfect.

The main goal is to purchase a sofa, but it’s worth deciding on what plan sofas are needed for the living room, what options will look most advantageous in each specific case. Among such factors of choice can be noted:

  1. Purpose It is important to decide whether a sofa will play the main accent role in the living room or whether its purpose will be harmony with the general environment.
  2. Method of use. If the selected model will be used frequently, it is recommended to pay attention to the cladding material. It should be dense, durable and dim in color. Often the sofa in the living room plays the role of a bed. In this case, it must have a rigid and elastic framework.
  3. The size of the living room. It is important to choose a sofa strictly depending on what size the living room. In a small room it is better not to put a massive sofa, as it can interfere with the passage. For smaller rooms, they do not acquire sofas of unusual shape, since they will occupy a lot of excess space, modular sofas will be optimal for a living room.
  4. The folding mechanism, as well as the level of adhesion strength. These are important parameters for a folding model.
  5. Full compliance with the style decision, already purchased pieces of furniture, as well as the color scheme. If you do not go beyond the pre-selected style of the room, it is worth in all possible ways to avoid completely tasteless eclecticism.

Among all the above parameters, it is the style decision of the sofa that matters. The style of sofas are divided into classical models, which are characterized by relatively soft forms, minimalist, which have a strict ascetic design, and the form is usually neutral, rectangular. It should be noted that these sofas look perfect in the interior, designed in almost any style.

Very popular are the special baroque modular sofas for the living room, which are distinguished by different ornate patterns, rather tall legs. They are purchased for living rooms, designed in a fairly luxurious style.






If you purchase a large sofa for the living room, it is important to pay attention to the fact that it has the following advantages:

  • The presence of moisture-resistant coating, which is quite easy to clean. The best option would be a sofa made from high-quality natural leather or its substitute - eco-leather;
  • High levels of comfort - the sofa should be comfortable, quite soft, and not only its main part, but also the head restraints and armrests;
  • Functionality - it is important to have such functional parts in the sofa as shelves, drawers and even a bar with a small stand for coffee. These little things are able to make a home holiday perfect.

Important! It is worth knowing that the very large sofas are able to reduce the size of the room at a visual level. for this reason, in some cases, it is worthwhile to give preference to small models, moreover, angular ones.

The corner sofa is able to solve its basic functional purposes. This is an ideal solution for a large family. It is relatively easy to solve problems with the placement of all family members while watching a movie or for a family celebration.







The arrangement of the living room corner sofa

Corner sofas for a living room with a berth are quite popular, as they occupy a small amount of space in the living rooms, the most important thing is that it is important to dispose of this furniture as rationally as possible.

In the process of acquiring a corner sofa, it is important to pay attention to the presence of shelves, a different plan of built-in drawers, as well as the number of beds. There are other, equally important rules for the choice of corner sofas:

  1. It is necessary to decide in advance where the sofa will stand. This will help to decide on what plan the piece of furniture to choose - right or left.
  2. It is important to pay attention to the strength of the material. In modern retail outlets, you can buy sofas with a variety of skins, differing in price and in external qualities.
  3. It is required to pay attention to whether covers are removed from the sofa. This is very important in order to maintain the neat appearance of the sofa.

Corner sofas are offered in a variety of forms, and also have a variety of color solutions and side lengths. There are oval variants, there are those that are characterized as U-shaped. A large variety of choices will allow you to choose exactly what is suitable for a particular living room.









Modular sofas for a modern living room

Modern furniture stores offer sofas of two types - transformable and selective. In the latter cases, the blocks are very firmly interconnected, and they are separated relatively rarely. As for the transformable models, here the blocks are relatively easily detached from each other. This provides a wealth of ideas for creativity. Models of such a plan can be given a completely unusual bend, it can be divided into several parts, and also if you want to change the length of the sofa, the height of the back and the width.

Among the main advantages of modern modular sofas are the following qualities and functionality:

  • The model makes it possible to comfortably sit on the couch, as well as place its guests on it;
  • Modular sofas provide an opportunity to sit on the couch, with the legs at the same time put on a pouf or on a special stand;
  • Furniture can divide the living room into separate functional areas. For example, a rest area from a canteen, a work area from a private area, and so on;
  • The shape of the sofa, if necessary, can be changed, thereby updating the decor in the living room without investing material resources;
  • At the height is the versatility of sofas, sometimes you can choose the best option from more than 60 different blocks.

Based on the above, we can conclude that modern modular sofas in the interior of a small living room look quite attractive and at the same time able to save a lot of free space.









The advantages of mini-sofas

Relatively popular at the moment are two or three-seater sofas, which are best suited for small living rooms. Here you can solve several issues related to the arrangement of the living room. Many when deciding how to choose a sofa in the living room, prefer to buy small sofas and choose chairs for them, small sofas are also quite popular, which belong to the category of corner pieces of furniture.

Important! Modern experts advise to have a sofa of such a plan in front of the window. This way you can fill the area in the living room, which, as a rule, is not involved in any way.

Modern mini-sofas are ideal for a fairly spacious living room. Quite an interesting option would be to put two small pieces of furniture opposite each other.

Important! When arranging the living room with small sofas, you should not install them so that the door is closed. This causes discomfort at the subconscious level.








Choosing a sofa color for the living room

In the process of choosing sofas, attention should be focused not only on their style decision and functionality, but also on color shades. These pieces of furniture are able both to focus attention on themselves and to merge with the surrounding interior. It is necessary to understand what goal you need to achieve and only then on the basis of this, choose a sofa. There are several basic rules regarding color combinations between the sofa itself and other pieces of furniture. These are such important points as:

  1. Game shades. The sofa should not choose the same shade as the walls or floors themselves. the color should be a few shades darker or lighter.
  2. Accentuation. Many get sofas of bright shades - green, red or orange. Reds are combined with golden, light green shades, yellow with gray, blue and violet colors, orange perfectly looks with blue and green shades. Sofas in green combine orange, yellow and pink colors. You can buy purple sofas, which are ideal for the interior with a predominant light green and golden hues. Similar pieces of furniture stand out perfectly against the walls, made in neutral shades.
  3. Neutrality. In this case, choose sofas calm tones - gray, white or brown colors. for the furniture to look attractive, the walls must be brighter, it will provide a rather interesting contrast.

Important! The advantage of neutral shades of sofas is that they are optimally combined with different color solutions, in which everything is done in the interior. These are combinations in which it is quite difficult to make a mistake.









Summing up

When choosing the optimal model of the sofa is better to pay attention to all the factors listed above. This will help to acquire not just a convenient and comfortable piece of furniture, but also an aesthetic option that fits perfectly into the overall interior of the living room. These sofas are the perfect place to relax for the whole family.