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Podium in the interior of a one-room apartment


The word "podium" most associated with the world of high fashion. However, the podiums in the interior did not come to us from there. Their homeland is Japan. Inventive inhabitants of the Land of the Rising Sun arranged sleeping places on an artificial elevation, inside of which they put straw or wooden containers for clothes and dishes. Later, podiums appeared with rail systems that can be moved inside the platform and easily find the necessary compartments.

Most often in our country you can find one of three types of podium structures:

  • bed on a powerful metal or wooden frame floor, inside which you can put boxes or baskets for things;
  • elevation - most often it is a wooden frame sheathed with plywood;
  • podium with pull-out bed.

In all cases, the maximum height of elevation is half a meter, the minimum is 20 centimeters. if necessary, steps can be mounted to it. Depending on the purpose, there are several types of interior podiums:

  • functional (for zoning or storage of things);
  • designer (decorative function);
  • technical (for example, bathroom shower equipment).

The podium as an elevation created for the visual effect alone in a one-room apartment is completely inappropriate. Any opportunity to use the space with benefit should be realized, so it is preferable to build a bed-podium, which should perform at least two functions. We list the main ones:

  • storage of things. Implemented with the installation of convenient draw-out boxes;
  • office area hallway. Perhaps by placing the podium near the front door;
  • rest zone. Easily created with the help of modern bean bags and TV;
  • sleeping place. A popular solution brought to life by a pull-out bed;
  • Podiums with complex geometry in large rooms create interesting visual effects, give the design a dynamic look;
  • built-in lights or LED strip, due to the flexibility of which, you can highlight the podium of the most complex shape;
  • a podium in the depth of a very narrow long room will visually reduce its length, which will visually spread the walls;
  • part of the bed-podium can be used instead of the table, bedside tables;
  • masking communications. The podium allows you to hide the pipe when redeveloping the apartment.

The form of the podium can be not only traditionally rectangular, but also diagonal, oval, round and generally any.

Elevation divides the space of a one-room apartment, regardless of your desires, and the zone located on the dais gets the dominant position in the interior, becomes its logical center, therefore you need to use the podium extremely carefully, not forgetting that the emphasis is placed on that area of ​​the one-room apartment, which is located on the podium.

Erection of the platform is risky in a certain sense. It draws attention to itself, is the logical center of the composition, and therefore any constructive or design error can lead to the most dire consequences. We will try to list the main types of errors in the construction of podiums:

  • location along a long narrow room. This will only emphasize the unfortunate proportions of the room;
  • location in the center of a small living room. Passages around will be difficult to use;
  • the construction of a high platform in a room with a low ceiling. A high podium in a low room is possible if it is low (below 20 cm) and occupies less than half of the room;
  • placing on the podium a large number of large objects. They will look even more massive.

When it comes to the rational use of space in one-bedroom apartments, there can be no solutions that are “too extravagant” or “risky”. There can only be solutions right and wrong. The construction of the podium, without any doubt, belongs to the first category, and we hope that our advice will help you to avoid mistakes in its construction and to maximize the potential of this design decision.