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Yellow sofa in the interior - a sunny atmosphere in the house (29 photos)


Yellow is associated with sun, joy and fun. It improves mood, positively affects human health, gives a feeling of comfort and warmth. Yellow sofas - one of the most successful design solutions. A bright piece of furniture will help to zone the space and correctly place accents in the room. Shades of yellow are in perfect harmony with many colors, allowing you to create original attractive interiors.



Functional features of yellow sofas

Products vary in shape, design and size. To attract consumers, modern manufacturers are constantly inventing something new, implementing the most incredible ideas:

  • Direct models are usually located in the central part of the room or against the wall, which emphasizes the originality of the interior.
  • Corner and U-shaped yellow sofas are often purchased to fill the free corner of the room. They give the design an attractive look.
  • Round and semicircular products are applicable for spacious rooms with a large amount of free space.

Today, more and more often this piece of furniture is located exactly in the middle of the room to divide space into functional zones. So, you can separate the kitchen from the living room or study from the bedroom.



Color combinations

The yellow sofa in the interior looks interesting and unusual, but sunny colors require a thoughtful selection of furniture and shades, which are painted in different surfaces. In moderation, lemon causes a feeling of comfort, warmth, joy, in large quantities - a feeling of anxiety. Consider the most successful combination of bright yellow with other shades.


One of the most harmonious combinations. Light walls and furnishings soften the brightness of the sofa, giving the room lightness and airiness. Twilight is not suitable for yellow color, so the furniture is recommended to put closer to the window or to organize a high-quality lighting system.






This color is considered the perfect companion of yellow. To emphasize the brightness of the sofa from eco-leather, it is enough to choose additional accessories, painted in different shades of purple. The room will become more cheerful and colorful if you throw pillows or a blanket with a lilac pattern on the sofa.

The black

The original combination attracts the eyes, helps to place the accents. So that the design does not create a depressing feeling, it is necessary to dilute the black and yellow interior with a neutral shade. Various black prints are acceptable: abstract drawings, zebra, small stripe.




Children's yellow sofa is often combined with this color. Both of them are bright, screaming, therefore they are able to drown out each other. If one of them turns pale, the picture becomes attractive. It is important to bear in mind that the combination of blue and yellow may soon become boring, because it is not completely harmonious.


The union of this color with yellow is considered a classic. The combination looks attractive and bright. A green eco-leather sofa with lemon-colored pillows accentuates attention and helps to divide the room into functional areas.

Light yellow leather sofa effectively combines with the same natural shades. Such tones are not too expressive, therefore they require bright inserts. It is enough to add to the light yellow furniture additional accessories, made in colors that are found in nature: pale pink, blue, light green. The result is a calm lightweight interior.

The design, decorated with the help of sand and pale yellow tones, is considered universal, therefore, like almost everyone. Contrast blotches will make the interior lively and positive. A yellow sofa in the living room, bedroom or nursery will look equally harmonious and attractive.



Yellow sofas are used in both classic and modern interiors. Furniture can be installed in rooms decorated in the following areas:

  • Loft. On the background of brick walls will be appropriate square furniture.
  • Minimalism. It is enough to arrange a few roomy shelves on a wall painted white, lay a colorful carpet. The furniture should have a concise design and convenience.
  • High tech. A yellow leather sofa is successfully complemented by a black rug and pillows.
  • Art Deco. The most advantageous looks traditional furniture on the background of dark gray walls. The interior is complemented by elegant floor lamps and mirrors.
  • Classic. Elegant furniture design, shaded by blue walls, will make the whole room elegant.
  • Baroque. A bright yellow sofa with wrought-iron armrests and a back will be an ideal solution for the interior.

Sunny shades of furniture are used everywhere, it is only necessary to correctly place accents. Upholstery from eco-leather or textile is selected in accordance with the chosen style direction. For a modern interior, fabric framing is preferable, for classics - leather or eco-leather.

Yellow is soft and unobtrusive, close to sand or beige, but it can be bold and bright. Each of the shades requires proper selection of colors.




The use of different rooms in the interior

The sofa, painted in yellow shades, is suitable for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallway, children's room. In each of them, this piece of furniture plays a special role.


Selecting a sofa in the kitchen, you should take care of its convenience. Here the furniture will be the best place for family tea drinking and friendly conversations. Cheerful sunny colors inspire the preparation of original culinary masterpieces.

A yellow corner sofa will visually expand the space and make the room brighter. The model is great for various styles: Country, Scandinavian, classic. Products from eco-leather will look attractive and organic.

Living room

A bright sofa in the interior of the living room allows you to design an elegant, strict or, conversely, carefree cheerful design. It all depends on additional shades. Experts recommend painting walls in gray, light green or white. It is better to install furniture by the window or to emphasize the unusual appearance of the model with the help of high-grade lighting. In a room where the whole family often gathers, the furniture quickly gets dirty. To maintain cleanliness, it is worth getting suitable removable covers. This will help keep the upholstery intact.





A cozy sofa will be an excellent addition to the room designed for relaxation. As for the colors, it is better to choose muted shades: sand, pale yellow, beige. Such furniture will make the bedroom comfortable and delicate, relaxing and healthy sleep. To emphasize the color of the sofa, you must use additional accessories of the same color: curtains, rugs, rugs.

Entrance hall

It is not possible to install upholstered furniture in small rooms. In the spacious hallway, a yellow or yellow-green sofa will be the main accent that will bring light, softness and an atmosphere of hospitality into the room.





The yellow sofa bed will be a harmonious addition to the room, designed for both the boy and the girl. It is better to combine it with blue, purple or black. These colors should only shade the furniture, the rest of the walls should be painted in light, calm colors. Yellow models are ideal for gaming or work area. In the space designed for sleeping, bright color will excite, not allowing to relax. When combined with blue, it is important to choose the right shades, otherwise the interior will soon get tired of the child.

A yellow sofa will always attract the eye and be in the center of attention. He seems to be enticing to sit down or lie down, rest in a pleasant atmosphere, or wake up in a wonderful mood.




It is not necessary to fully comply with all recommendations of designers, and you should rely on your own taste. If you want to diversify the interior with a yellow sofa, do not be afraid of experiments, because in the end you will definitely get something interesting and attractive.