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Cassette curtains: a modern approach to creating cozy interiors (21 photos)


Rolled cassette curtains - a straight web of special woven material, characterized by solid durability. Most often it is polyester of the highest quality, to which cotton or linen can be added. At the bottom of the canvas complement a special strap - weighting plumb.



The fabric is evenly wound on a roller, not crumpling and without any deformation. There is a huge variety of cassette roller blinds, which differ from each other in appearance, color, size, construction, type of attachment and other nuances.

A lot depends on how exactly the window opening is decorated: on the level of insolation in the room, to how effectively the whole interior of the room looks. Cassette curtains are easy to use and will fit well into any design composition.



This is largely due to the design features, which determine the appearance of the curtains and operational nuances. Roll samples on the cassettes are mounted on the frame or special beadings. Such curtains on the windows allow you to create the most natural composition: textiles look with a window as a whole.

The fabric moves up and down both near the glass itself and relatively distantly. It all depends on how the owner of the apartment himself wants to improve the window opening. From above the decorative box - the cartridge with the mechanism is placed. Blinds are wound on the roller.

Rolled cassette curtains can be equipped with a gearbox system and very easy to manage. The most primitive models are regulated with the help of ordinary lace. There are options with a semi-automatic adjustment of the fabric.

The most advanced models are equipped with special sensors: the curtain is adjusted automatically, depending on what parameters have been set. In fact, these cassette-type roller blinds are the textile of the future. They completely solve all problems, without demanding extraneous intervention.



Key benefits

Cassette curtains have a particularly progressive look. They are stylish, compact, modern. In addition, it is worth to highlight a number of special advantages:

  • The canvas is always tight and securely fixed;
  • The design protects from prying eyes, perfectly shelter from the sun, adjusting the height of the curtain depending on the circumstances;
  • Compact and ergonomic;
  • Simplicity of design combined with ease of installation;
  • It is well combined with any plastic window designs;
  • Price, taking into account all the features of design and management, is quite pleasant and affordable for the average buyer;
  • It does not require special care.
  • It is also important that such textiles do not block the window sill at all. It can be used for a variety of purposes. This is especially true for kitchen locations.

The materials used for such structures differ in the degree of protection from light. For example, blackout blinds are completely blackout. They protect the room from any light source at 100%. Such designs will be relevant for the bedroom or nursery (teen room).



Cassette roller blinds "day-night" - an interesting variety, consisting of two canvases. Transparent and dense canvas form a certain pattern. Depending on how the gaps are combined, the room can be completely dark or very light.

In the kitchen it is better to look at the cassette curtains blinds or roll curtains based on translucent textiles, which will always let in light, but cover the room from inquisitive views from the street. The density of the fabric can affect the entire interior as a whole, so the selection of fabric should be based on the design concept.

Cassette curtains can be selected by color, size, design features. In addition, there are options with the so-called "enhanced functionality." They are resistant to moisture, burnout, settling household pollution, clean easier than conventional models. Such unique qualities are due to the use of a number of the most varied impregnations, which endow the canvas with certain qualities.



The cassette case and all guides can be made of steel, aluminum, high-quality plastics. These materials may also differ in color and texture. To make the fabric and accessories appear as one, the composition is selected in one color. Sometimes the color of the window frame and all elements of roller blinds are kept in the same tone.

Roller blinds of the “standard” type are the most popular system of roller strip curtains. Still such models are often called "classics." The structure can be mounted in three different ways:

  • on the casement window;
  • in the opening;
  • on the opening.

The main operational mission is to protect the premises from the bright sun. The design is simple: a shaft with a fabric winding mechanism, the sheet itself, a plumb, brackets and control devices.
As accessories, metal chains can complement the classic (instead of ordinary plastic), various decorative components that are mounted on the box itself or on the curtain fabric.

There are curtains with a spring mechanism. Classic can be installed for sloping or roof windows. Some designs assume a complete masking of the box, roller and control mechanism.



Compact version

Compact designs or mini is a mini-roll system that resembles Classic, but designed exclusively for installation on a window casement. The design is simpler with a smaller roller. Usually the box and the spring mechanism are completely absent.

This is the best economical option for small wooden and plastic windows. You can install curtains on plastic windows without drilling using special scotch platforms. Fortunately, ultra-lightweight design allows plenty to experiment in this direction.



Blinds Uni 1

Uni 1 models represent a conceptually new format for the improvement of all window systems. Curtains suitable for plastic windows with tilt-and-turn mechanism. The design always looks complete and stylish.

There are both massive cassette roller blinds with a spring for relatively large windows, and rather compact designs on double-sided tape that do not require drilling. The whole mechanism is hidden in an aluminum cassette. Here an important role is played by the size of the window configuration of the curtains themselves.