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Smart sofa recliner: the future is in your home (21 photos)


Technical progress helps a person to cope with the stresses of the modern rhythm of life. One of his gifts is the innovative armchairs and sofas with the mysterious recliners prefix.

What it is?

The term "recliner" refers to furniture with unusual abilities for the subject of the interior. She has a movable seat, backrest, armrests. The armchair and sofa recliner are laid out in such a way as to precisely adjust to the parameters of the body of a particular person. The load is removed from the spine, neck, waist, legs relax. Models with a berth provide a healthy sound sleep.


The sofa-recliner is a product of the joint work of engineers, orthopedic surgeons and fitness specialists. The term comes from the English recliner - recline.



In the furniture of the first generation, the transformation was mechanical: the position of the seat or back was changed by the movement of the lever. Now created sofas, recliners with electric. Physical effort is no longer required: the configuration is changed by simply pressing the buttons on the control panel.

The main idea, under which reklayner were designed, is to create the maximum possible comfort conditions in individual performance.

External parameters

Recliners have each seat autonomously, and even if several people are sitting on the same sofa from the modules, any of them can choose a position that is convenient for them.

Safe and aesthetic design and filling of the sofa or chair:

  • no corners;
  • soft-touch upholstery in leather or materials that imitate suede, velor;
  • a layer of polyurethane foam in the seat and back.

This is important for families with young children, allergies, and when using a sofa with a recliner and a bed.




There are several types of it. In Russian furniture holofiber is often used - a modern material of domestic development. This synthetic fiber, created on the basis of synthetic winterizer.
The sofa-recliner is filled with them due to its unique properties:

  • perfectly replaces down and feather, hypoallergenic;
  • poorly accumulates dust, does not electrify;
  • does not clump together;
  • no problem tolerates treatment with dry hot steam, repeated washing up to boiling.

The sofa bed or chair, filled with holofiber, is very soft, always dry, warm, eliminating the appearance of mold or mildew.



What are the sofas?

Sofa recliners do not differ in the variety of design and principle of operation. However, other parameters are different.

  • Number of seats. In the standard version it is a double sofa-recliner or for three seats. There are models designed for a larger number. In modular designs, it can be any, depending on the number of segments.
  • Configuration. In addition to straight lines, there are angular standard models and modular types. Corner sofa with recliner is the most compact, does not clutter up even a small room. Popular because it is almost always a model with a berth.
  • Upholstery material. Textiles, leather (natural, artificial), other pleasant to the touch materials. Solid leather sofas with reklayner, their upholstery can be from white to black.
  • The possibility of transformation into a bed. The prone position is provided in all models; a sofa with a recliner and a sleeping place allows you to create a complete sleep space.
  • Type of drive. Electric or mechanical. The first are converted by pressing a button, but more often they break. The configuration of the second can be changed with a special lever. Combined options are not provided.

Thus, it is possible to choose a suitable model considering the size of the room, the sociability of the owners, their age and physical data. Luxurious leather sofas with recliners or in a more modest performance are equally effective.

Operating principle

The design of the mechanism incorporated in the product is classified by complexity. It stands out simple, medium, difficult to manage mechanism.


Laid into mechanical recliner. This is the basic, affordable and use version of the sofa. To lay back, just press it, and the movement of the stand under the legs is regulated by a lever.


Sofas with a recliner mechanism and an increased number of operations: the extension of the footrests, the lowering of the back and armrests. The drive may be mechanical or electrical.




Sofa-recliner with an extended set of options:

  • adjustable backrest and footrest;
  • moving head restraints;
  • tilting seat.

The chairs are even more technological: a swivel base, swing and vibromassage are added to all of the above. For those who want to have such pleasures, it is the chair that is needed, since sofas are rarely supplied with them.

The armchair and sofa recliners have a similar mechanism, only the number of modules differs. In the chair he is alone, in the couch from two to several. For smaller apartments, a corner sofa with a recliner is suitable, for more spacious ones - consisting of several modules.


Externally, they are interconnected, but each has its own mechanism, so any segment of the sofa, even if it is a sofa with a recliner and a berth, can be adjusted in its own way, independently of the others.


Practically for all models with a sleeping place or without it, they are fixed similarly in two positions:

  • reclining: the back and the seat are angled relative to each other, usually created to work with a laptop or phone, or if you want to watch TV;
  • lying down: the back and the seat are on the same level, used for rest or sleep.

The option is chosen according to the situation: whether to fall asleep or just lie down.




May not protrude. A sofa with a recliner and a berth provides the base as a complete addition to the main part. Therefore, it will also be under load. To cope, the mechanism of this part is massive, and overall dimensions are more solid. The footrest in the sofa beds is wider and thicker than in the ordinary.

The merits of electric models

In the sofa recliners laid electric drive from several nodes. Each of them controls a separate segment of the sofa. It is difficult to coordinate work manually, especially if they are modular sofas with a recliner from many segments, so it is the most convenient models with electric drive: the coordination of the systems is easily achieved with a single console. However, the dependence of such models on the power supply requires the owner to pay attention to and follow simple rules.

The electric sofa works from a network or the accumulator. The battery is similar to a laptop power supply, can be disguised in a niche in the back of the sofa. This is an intermediate link between the sofa and the outlet, so when there is light, you can not use the battery, but you can connect the sofa or chair directly to the outlet. However, this is an effective backup option, and in the absence of electricity, the only solution. With reasonable loads, it ensures the work of the sofa even with a sleeping place for several weeks, but it does not hurt to monitor the condition of the wire and the outlet.

The design of the recliner mechanism is such that large dimensions in the usual version are not provided. As a rule, sofas are designed for two to three people.

For large companies or families, leather sofas with modular type re-liners are suitable. They can be of any size, which depends on the number of modules.

Recliner models are in demand in different cases:

  • home theater owners;
  • for those who spend the working day just standing or just sitting;
  • elderly and people with disabilities.

The same leather sofas with recliners are chosen for public places as more solid and easy to care for.



Where to place?

The clue is contained in the task that its creators set for their offspring - rest and relaxation. Therefore, such furniture should be installed where the owners rest. A sofa with a recliner and a sleeping place is usually placed in a separate room so that the host or guest, taking advantage of it, does not feel any inconvenience.

If the apartment is small, it is optimal to purchase a corner sofa with a recliner. Installation method in the room - a semicircle in front of the TV or fireplace. Particularly well looked corner sofas. In any case, it is better if it is a separate room, and not a passage, otherwise it will not work.

Sofas are available in different dimensions, so it is easy to choose a model for both a spacious country house and a sofa with a recliner and a berth in a small apartment.

Adherents of strict adherence to style may have doubts about the compatibility of such furniture with the traditional interior. Of course, leather sofas with recliners are unlikely to fit into baroque, country or empire. For them, perfect techno, hi-tech or close to them design. However, in the classic interior, especially with upholstery in the color of the main decor, they will look good.