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Blue ceiling: use in the interior and combinations of options (25 photos)


The design of the room must be selected according to its purpose, as well as personal preferences. For example, in order to make the situation in the room calm and peaceful, it is recommended to use a combination of natural colors. That is why so often stretched ceilings in the interior of the blue color, as well as a combination of white-blue and other light or bright shades. The interior with a blue ceiling looks very fresh and soothing and can be used to decorate almost any room.




Using the blue ceiling in the interior of various rooms

Color directly affects the perception of space. The choice of finishing materials of different color allows you to visually expand or reduce the space, make the room cozy and warm or, on the contrary, strict and cold. Ceiling blue is universal. The palette of shades of blue color will allow you to choose the best option for the design of the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, as well as the room of the kid or teenager.




Children's room

Most parents tend to use for the decoration of children's rooms natural and environmentally friendly materials. Natural design looks best with natural colors. The ceiling in the nursery, decorated in blue or white-blue color - a great solution for the room of a newborn, preschooler and even a teenager.




According to psychologists, the blue ceiling in the kitchen has a beneficial effect. It normalizes pressure, soothes the nervous system, and also reduces appetite caused by stress. In addition, these ceilings are perfectly combined with other colors and natural materials.




Blue stretch ceiling in the interior of the kitchen is most often used in the design of the room in the style of Provence, Country or in the Scandinavian and Mediterranean style. However, do not make the design too pale. The abundance of blue color has a calming effect, and the kitchen is a place where not only they rest, but also prepare and do other household chores, therefore it is better to dilute the blue color with bright patches.

Living room

Glossy blue ceiling for the design of the living room will create a cool and peaceful atmosphere. If the windows of the living room overlook the sunny side, use canvases of the cold spectrum. In the daytime, they cool the atmosphere, and with artificial light, their color will become brighter and richer.

To the design of the room was solid and complete, special attention should be paid to the selection of colors and combinations of materials. Stretch ceilings "blue sky" give any room a feeling of marine freshness, visually expands the space and makes the room brighter.



However, in order to properly choose the color of suspended and stretch ceilings, as well as its combination with other elements of the interior. Experts recommend:

  • Saturated shades of blue are best combined with black and warm gray.
  • Saturated indigo - the best basis for the interior in the American style. It is best to combine it with white and bright red elements.
  • Blue-gray color for the decoration of the ceiling is best used with the colors of dark chocolate or wormwood.
  • Muted blue colors go well with light beige, burgundy and bright blue hues.
  • Bluish-lilac can be used to decorate the ceiling in a room where there is a lot of natural wood.
  • Smoky-blue shades are best suited for the design of bathrooms. These shades perfectly mark the boundaries of the room, dilute the white color and give elegance to the room.
  • Pale blue shades are in harmony with turquoise, azure and other marine colors.
  • Denim color for ceiling decoration - a great solution for almost any room. It goes well with red and brown shades.
  • The bluish-purple hues look good with rich blue, beige and grayish.

When installing a glossy or matte ceiling blue color, you must carefully choose the shades of other finishing materials. Despite the fact that the blue color goes well with almost all shades, it is necessary to choose the color range depending on the purpose of the room and its style.



General principles of using the blue ceiling in the interior

Light blue color is an excellent choice for decoration of almost any room. Despite the coolness, it allows you to achieve an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility. Shades of blue can be combined with other colors and used to decorate a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and other rooms in a different style.



The blue palette looks great when used in such design styles:

  • Classic style. In this case, blue matte ceilings are most often used in combination with white and other pastel shades.
  • Provence. This style is characterized by the use of blue shades for ceilings in combination with delicate beige and white elements.
  • Minimalism. In this case, it is recommended to use silver-blue color for the decoration of the ceiling, as well as shades of white and gray for walls and interior items.
  • Pop Art. For the design of the room in the style of pop art, it is important to use bright colors, all sorts of textures, graffiti, drawings and photographs.
  • Moroccan style. Rich materials, luxurious patterns and rich blue color of the ceiling are used.
  • Marinism. Registration of rooms in the marine style. Blue and white shades prevail. Heaven can be painted on the ceiling. As a rule, it is used to decorate the bathroom, pool or baby room.
  • Egyptian style. The combination of endless sky and hot hot sand. In this case, a combination of blue ceiling and warm sand, yellow and beige colors in the interior design.
  • Avant-garde Fresh and light blue shade is best used when decorating a living room or bedroom in the avant-garde style.
  • Ecostyle. Cool shades of the ceiling are perfectly combined with natural materials to create eco style in any room.
  • Retro. Rich denim ceiling color looks stylish with posters, posters and other retro accessories.

Blue ceiling fits perfectly into the interior of the bathroom, living room, kitchen, bedroom and nursery. At the same time it can be used for design in any style. It helps to create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, making the house the place to relax after a hard day’s work.