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Living room with a bay window - a modern view of ancient architecture (28 photos)


Bay window is a small ledge of the facade, fully or partially glazed, the construction of which consists of the bearing / non-bearing walls of the building. This element of architecture was used by the ancient builders. Initially in the Middle Ages, the bay window played the role of a defensive protrusion, which improves the view of the outer walls and increases the power of shelling enemies. Later bay windows expanded their functions (up to use as outdoor toilets).



As soon as builders appreciated the possibility of using a bay window in living rooms, it became a hallmark in the architecture of classical styles.



Living room and recreation area

According to classical traditions, the rooms with a bay window have stately living rooms. To create maximum comfort, a sofa with upholstery of light shades is installed along the window. That the sofa repeated the classical curved line of a bay window, it is desirable to order furniture individually. With such an arrangement of objects, it is pleasant to relax not in the center of the room, but somewhat aside.




If it is not possible to allocate a room in a flat for a separate room, the bay window zone is quite suitable for creating a workplace. It is enough to arrange the table, several bedside tables for papers, equipment and it will be possible to be engaged in working affairs at any time. To use natural light longer, the table is placed closer to the window. It is recommended to install it so that the light falls on the left.



In a modern style, a wide window sill that serves as a tabletop will look great. It will be rational to use the space under the window sill / table for the arrangement of thumbs. If there is no desire to equip an office so seriously, then for infrequent working minutes you can put a coffee table and a chair in the bay window area.

In modern plans, the kitchen does not involve the placement of a dining table with chairs. In apartments with a bay window there is no need to allocate a separate room for the dining room. The bay window area will perfectly cope with the responsibilities of the area for lunch / dinner. For the decoration of a cozy dining area set rather narrow sofas with low backs. In the center of the bay area, they are equipped with a set - a dining table with chairs.

With a large number of guests a great idea would be to move the table to the sofas, and put all the chairs on the opposite side. It will also be convenient on the days of holidays / receptions to place buffet tables in the bay area.




Winter Garden

For fresh flowers, the bay window is the most suitable place. Adequate natural light will promote good plant growth, and a convenient approach will make green care pleasant and easy. Flowers can be arranged both on the windowsill, and in special stands installed near the window. Console shelves, hanging pots will brightly decorate the window opening with plants.



The design of the green zone is thought out in advance, even at the repair stage. To make it easier to maintain cleanliness, it is recommended to revet the floor with porcelain stoneware, which can easily withstand various water or irrigation procedures.



For an organic combination of a winter garden with a living room interior, you need to carefully select accessories. For a living room in the minimalist style, pots of simple white ceramic or metallic metallic shade are suitable, and colored pots of rounded shapes will emphasize the classic decor.



Design techniques in the design of the bay window

Today, creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere in the living room does not cause any difficulties. Variants of the embodiment of unusual interiors - weight. Use some design tricks, and the living room will acquire a unique look.

  • For a clearer selection of the bay window zone, you can install a multi-level floor. If the floor covering by the fireplace is decorated with an unusual tile in the form of a carpet, then the living room with a bay window and a fireplace will take on a luxurious and sophisticated look.
  • In country houses, the location of the bay window is determined at the design stage. It is desirable to consider not only the location of the house relative to the parts of the world. The view from the windows also plays an important role. Spectacular reviews have a corner of relaxation and rest in the bay area.
  • With panoramic windows, layouts also attach great importance. Beautiful views of the surroundings suggest the design of the dining area at the bay window.
  • When using glossy stretch ceilings in a room with a bay window, the height of the room visually increases. Multilevel ceiling in the living room with a bay window emphasizes the visual zoning of the room.
  • The most common option for decorating a bay window with textiles is to install eaves clearly along the perimeter of the window. When choosing curtains in the bay window for the living room, it is better to give preference to light transparent curtains so as not to limit the light entering the rooms. If the curtains are more dense, then in the daytime they are better to collect in the piers between the windows. In the winter garden or office is the best design option for the bay window curtains - Roman curtains.
  • In large living rooms of private houses it is possible to equip a balcony on the bay window (if you install a glass sliding partition). In a separate room you can put an office or a room for communication. With such a layout, the bay window will require additional heating. So that the living room does not become two separate rooms, the interiors of different zones should not differ much. Some play of shades in design is allowed.
  • Sometimes the bay window opening is left free to maintain a beautiful natural view. To the site did not look empty and uncomfortable, you can put a small elegant console table for easy tea drinking in the center.

In general, the bay window can be considered as an additional opportunity to create a unique interior of the living room. The creative design of the living room with a bay window helps to create zones in the room that are different in purpose, but united by one mood and style.