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The refrigerator under the window: new features of the forgotten classics (57 photos)


Khrushchev apartments are still relevant in the real estate market: the purchase of such an apartment is often very profitable, as the prices are very affordable. Residents of Khrushchev, and realtors know one feature of these apartments, this is the so-called refrigerator under the window, which was built during the construction of the house. Modern designers have come up with many options for converting this useful area, which will be discussed later.







During the construction of the Khrushchev household appliances was a costly rarity. Buy immediately a good refrigerator could not every family. In addition, the available models were very large and for small-sized kitchens in Khrushchev's new buildings were not suitable.













After some time, household appliances became more accessible to the public, manufacturers began to produce less dimensional models, and the need for a built-in refrigerator disappeared. A niche in the wall remained, and the residents of Khrushchev apartments often have a question, what to do with this element of the interior. There are two ways out: to repair the doorway and use it as a refrigerator or a kitchen cabinet with a reduced temperature, or redo the Khrushchev refrigerator and use it for other than its intended purpose.




The main disadvantage of the space under the window is open ventilation and condensate. And modern repair and decoration of the refrigerator under the window, respectively, have the following objectives:

  • make the temperature difference on the walls less;
  • keep a low temperature under the window sill;
  • make this kitchen design element as aesthetic as possible.

There are two ways to save the desired temperature and eliminate condensate: using moisture-proof and thermo-insulating building materials or install closed ventilation. Coolers and air conditioners for such a small space are difficult to find and the installation will require significant costs. The easiest thing to do is to insert a small fan into the vent: it will not only let in cold air, but also prevent it from stagnating in a small space.




However, it is even easier to insulate the outer wall, and for finishing to use insulating materials: plastic, polystyrene, polystyrene foam, polyethylene foam. The tile keeps the cold best of all, but condensate forms on it, so for finishing the tile you will need to use special thermal insulation additives in glue or cement, and ventilation must be of very high quality. As a heater, you can use mineral, glass or foam, insulating concrete or the same polyethylene foam.

It is important to completely prevent the exchange of air between the room and the kitchen refrigerator, for this you need to make a tight door. Ordinary wood is not too suitable - they must be very precisely adjusted so that there is no heat leakage. Plexiglass or plastic doors are ideal. Sliding metal and plastic double-glazed windows, which can be made to order in firms engaged in glazing apartments and balconies, are also sealed.

However, the glass in these doors will be very cool and reduce the temperature of the air in the kitchen. To avoid this, it is necessary to order double insulated windows or replace the glass in them with transparent plastic.






Since at present no one really needs a refrigerator with open ventilation and cooling, an opening under the windows can be converted into a kitchen cupboard. In this case, the ventilation is no longer needed - the hole can be sealed with foam or concreted. You can not insulate the outer wall if the condensate on it is weak, or use a thin insulation with high thermal insulation and moisture-proof properties.






To reduce the likelihood of condensation, the doors must be sealed, as in the case of a refrigerator. If you order glass doors, you can make the backlight inside the cabinet, it will be practical and beautiful, especially if you make the glass translucent or stained glass. Also, instead of glasses you can use mirrors: there is little practical value in such doors, but this option will visually increase the space of a small kitchen.

A cabinet with drawers can become an alternative to the doors - it is no less practical, but this option will reduce the insulation of the opening, since it is quite difficult to choose hermetically sealed drawers.




If the apartment owners are most concerned about the temperature in the kitchen, the use of an opening for storing food or kitchen utensils should be discarded. Instead, the opening can be fully or partially sealed and embedded in the second heating radiator or put one larger. To fill the opening, you will have to make a neat brick laying, then plaster well and pierce. You may have to replace the window sill.






Option Four: fireplace

Have a real fireplace in the house, many dream, and the opening under the windows in the Khrushchev street allows you to fulfill your dream. The outer wall of the opening will also have to be insulated and finished with materials with low electrical conductivity and moisture resistance - and you can put there an electric fire that imitates a real fire.



But if it is not the appearance of the electric heater that is more important, but its power, then an oil heater or a quartz stone heating panel can be built into the opening. But reflectors and fan heaters are not recommended to use in the opening - they require free air exchange, which will not be in such a small space.

Such a kitchen design will require the creation of proper wiring and grounding.

Sink in small-sized kitchen takes a lot of place. Moreover, there is a problem if the residents need a dishwasher. And the opening under the windows will save usable space. For washing by the window, it will be necessary to rework the sewer and water pipes and replace the window sill in order to install a sink there. To finish the opening, you will need moisture-proof materials and insulation to avoid condensation on the walls and pipes.

To install a dishwasher, you will need to change the power supply of the kitchen. In the same way, a washing machine can be installed under the window.

The window opening in the Khrushchev kitchen is very small and gives a little light, especially if the apartment is located on the north side of the house. In this case, natural light can be increased by using a French window. The main difficulty lies in the dismantling of part of the outer wall. Such work requires not only qualified construction workers, but also official technical permission for redevelopment.